Shandong Mama, Melbourne CBD


You shouldn't anticipate much more than a mix of discount apparel boutiques and glittery phone covers in Melbourne's older downtown retail arcades. Then there's ShanDong MaMa, nestled away in a Chinatown alley arcade. Traditional cuisine from the Chinese Shandong Peninsula's fishing village of Yantai are served by owners Ying Hou and her mother Meiyan Wang (affectionately known as Mama).

Shandong is known for its seafood cuisine, and the fish dumplings in ShanDong are no exception. The mackerel, chives, coriander, ginger, and spring onion-filled packages are cooked from scratch.

They go nicely with a cabbage salad, our specialty Daryl Noodles, and a digestive pu-erh tea, which will soothe your tummy. One of the greatest vegetarian dumplings in town is the zucchini-stuffed variant (and vegan too, in fact).

With light cream walls and fresh water plants on display, the restaurant maintains the typical decor of a basic Chinese cafe. Queues form frequently at the door, but the staff keeps things going.

Mon - Sat 11 AM - 9 PM, Sun closed

+61-3-9650 3818

Shop 7-8, Mid City Arcade, 200 Bourke St Melbourne, VIC, Australia 3000

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