Mr Joe, Richmond


Join us at Mr Joe!

Martin drew on his knowledge of Asian products, cooking techniques, and modern cuisine presentation to construct and design the menu. Be prepared to taste something new, distinctive, and original while yet honouring tradition, as we identify our products as contemporary world flavoured food.

Mr Joe is the pen name of Joe Hisaishi, a Japanese composer. As fans of Studio Ghibli's work and Joe San's music, we applaud their efforts in creating innovative and original art works. In our restaurant, we aim to use local ingredients, mix various components, and present our innovation and love for food, drink, and culture.


With an endless Sunday roast, Mr Joe is taking Sundays to the next level. A roasted lamb shoulder, grilled wagyu rump, smoked wagyu beef brisket with Texas-style dry rub, and Berkshire pork belly are among the dishes on the set menu. In typical Mr Joe fashion, there will be a variety of less traditional foods to choose from, like Thai grilled chicken and crispy vegetarian and pork gyoza, to name a few. And, in case you're wondering, alcohol is included as well. Margaritas, espresso martinis, mimosas, and, of course, beer and wine are all available.

Mr Joe offers bottomless brunch every weekend.
* Saturday: 12pm - 2pm and 3pm - 5pm
* Sunday: 1pm - 3pm

+61-3-7013 0301

362 Burnley St., Richmond VIC Australia 3121

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