Jack & Knife


When we asked you what you wanted, the overwhelming response was “just really good food”. So we’ve gone about to bring you simply, awesome food. Unpretentious, uncomplicated, unbeatable. Just full of flavour, yet simple food, done well.

Think slow-cooked meats, wood-fired smokey flavours and cured seafood. We draw our inspiration from local Australian ingredients to create a dynamic and seasonally driven menu. We don’t have appetizers, entrees and mains. Instead we have small, medium and large plates – all designed to share so you can try as much as you like.

Cue in smooth, unique wines, the well-known and many not publicly available, our favourite international beers, as well as local craft beers, and maybe a sneaky Mexican mule here or there.

Our venue is designed for sharing – plates, bottles, stories.

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