For epic (and sometimes seemingly endless) road-trips, head to Australia to experience some of the world’s most recognised natural landmarks.

With such vastness, Australia offers many different trip options, often quite independent of any others. Along the concentrated population centres of the South-east coast, you get the twin towers of the country, with Sydney and its famous harbour landmarks & beaches, while Melbourne offers the cultural & sporting capital of the country with a strong side of coffee. Further north up the east coast you hit tropical Australia from Brisbane and beyond, with the incredible Great Barrier Reef and some of the most awesome beaches & islands going round. The Top End offers up lashings of indigenous culture, while over in the West you get the best climate to go with beaches and spectacular outback ocean scenery. Crossing back across the centre of the country, the outback puts on never-ending supply of deserts, with the awe-inspiring Uluru at its epicentre. Further south to the Flinders Ranges, Adelaide and its wineries, while tiny Tasmania to the south of the mainland serves up incredible wilderness areas…and the coldest temperatures.

There's so much coastline to go around, so as long you're somewhere near the coast, you're likely to be very close to at least a serviceable, if not amazing beach. Every state has its list of great beaches, but nationally it's headed up by Whitehaven Beach in northern Queensland, with Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia possessing bragging rights to the best sandy real estate. But, there's so many other great beaches to go around, and a climate built for beach-combing, so if you do one thing, just make sure you pack your bathers, a hat, and of course some sun screen!

Australia offers all of this up supported by a wonderful array of international cuisines. As a huge multicultural melting pot of a population, pretty much any cuisine is on offer in the main centres, and at a very high quality, while around the country ‘modern Australian’ interpretations of classics will sate the heartiest of appetites. With a dazzling array of local brewers and wineries to cap things off, you’ll need to get out of the car and make sure you stretch the legs a bit to avoid returning home with more than you bargained for.

Image by Taras Vyshnya, Shutterstock