Go Chasing Waterfalls

Apr 26, 2021
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Summer calls for adventures… so go chasing waterfalls!

What’s not to love about these majestic, natural wonders? Hawke’s Bay is home to a collection of waterfalls that are worth seeing for yourself. Grab your walking shoes, picnic, bottle and your bathing suit, and hit the road – you can thank us later.


Those with an adventurous spirit will be right at home with a visit to Shine Falls. Considered one of New Zealand’s most spectacular waterfalls (if we do say so ourselves), you can discover this 58m tall beauty after a 1hour drive north of Napier. Make sure you pack your walking shoes and have your drink bottle in hand, as you will need to walk along the 1.5hour return track that leads to the base of the waterfall. You’ll pass farmland and towering sandstone bluffs, plus there are a few uphill sections and safe stream crossings on the way. Trust us, the trip will be well worth it after seeing the falls.



Another Hawke’s Bay beauty, this 3-tiered waterfall can be uncovered in the heart of Tangoio Forest, just 20 minutes from Napier. This one requires 50 minutes of walking, starting from the swing bridge at the main carpark and following the stream. Make sure you take care on this track as some parts can be muddy and slippery, especially after rainfall. The base of the waterfall is inaccessible, but you can take in the stunning view from the waterfall’s viewing platform.


Kill two birds with one stone when visiting Tangoio Falls, as Te Ana Falls can be accessed from the same walking track. Follow the main track from the carpark for the first 10 minutes, and choose the other track when you meet the fork in the trail. Walk on for another 5 minutes from the junction to reach the small oasis that is home to the 20m high waterfall. Admire its beauty from the base, and make sure you have you camera in hand to snap pics of its glory.